Now News Video Interview | Now新聞台「杏林在線」訪問

Now TV 新聞訪問 - 防疫戴口罩注意

Now News Video Interview | Now新聞台「杏林在線」訪問

With the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, Dr. Johnny Lam, a family medicine specialist at The Central Clinic, was interviewed by Now News. In two short videos in Cantonese, he shared the 7 steps of hand-washing, and demonstrated key points for wearing a face mask for health protection.

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隨著新型冠狀病毒持續擴散,中環專科家庭醫學專科林智源醫生受 Now 新聞台訪問,分享洗手七部曲和示範戴口罩的重點。


Now TV 新聞訪問 - 防疫洗手七部曲 - Now Interview - Hand-washing Steps
Now TV 新聞訪問 - 防疫口罩大比拼