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am730 Interview | 接受 am730 訪問


am730 Interview | 接受 am730 訪問

Dr. Kenneth Chok, the specialist in general surgery at The Central Clinic, was interviewed by local newspaper am730.

In the health section article he stated the importance of regularly monitoring liver function – 90% of liver cancer patients carry hepatitis B, while half of them are not even aware they were carriers. Early detection would allow patients to receive treatment as soon as possible, so they may be able to opt for minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Dr. Chok suggested that hepatitis B carriers should receive blood draws and liver ultrasound examinations every six months to continue monitoring their liver condition.

Read the full article in Chinese at this link.


在健康專欄文章中,竺醫生指出了定期監察肝功能的重要性 –– 九成的肝癌患者都是乙肝帶菌者,但有一半人從來不知自己帶菌。 早期發現肝癌可使患者盡快接受治療,因此他們可能能夠選擇微創手術技術。