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The Central Clinic is conveniently located in the Central business district of Hong Kong, established by an elite group of doctors who have many years of clinical consultation and surgical experience.

About TCC

About The Central Clinic

Our Vision:

Established by a group of experienced doctors who have many years of clinical consultation and surgical experience in our various specialties, The Central Clinic (TCC) offers healthcare services that put patients and their families in first priority. Preventative medicine and “whole-person” care that beyond superficial symptoms are key concepts incorporated into every personalized consultation.

At TCC, patient’s satisfaction is our priority. We believe that good medical service is more than just science. It’s also about fully attending your personal needs and giving you guided choices to better healthcare services.

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Our Services

Family Medicine.

Family Medicine practitioners are primary care physicians who treat a wide range of acute and chronic illnesses. Our family medicine doctors are the first step in ensuring a correct diagnosis and timely treatment. We provide an initial assessment of a patient’s condition and determine if a referral to an appropriate specialist is necessary.

Perioperative Medicine & Prehabilitation.

Perioperative Medicine is a crucial part of any surgery. TCC’s anaesthesiology specialist offers in-clinic consultation and assessment prior to surgery and post-surgery follow up.

A key strategy for enhancing postoperative recovery, prehabilitation begins the rehabilitation process prior to surgery. Patients are given an individualized physical training and nutrition plan to improve their fitness before operation. A fitter patient recovers faster.

General Surgery. Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.

General surgery covers a wide range of surgeries for common illnesses and symptoms including (but not limited to) the areas of gastrointestinal tract, breast, skin, soft tissue and the endocrine system (thyroid and adrenal glands). Our surgeons are specialized in the field of hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery. From surgical treatment of simple gallstone disease, to the complicated liver and pancreatic cancer are also our scope of service.

Preventive Medicine.

At TCC, we offer a wide range of preventive healthcare services. In addition to providing general health checks and vaccinations, we have advanced equipment for in-clinic screenings, including bone density scans (osteoporosis), 3D mammograms (breast cancer) and DNA testing (genetic diseases).

Plastic Surgery. Head & Neck Surgery.

Plastic surgery is a specialty involving consultations for various skin conditions and medical cosmetic treatments; reconstruction to any deformed human body parts resulted from congenital defects, trauma or after tumor ablated surgery. Our plastic surgeon offers diagnosis and treatment of various head and neck diseases, including nasopharyngeal cancer, oral cavity, tongue and hypopharyngeal cancer, and provide reconstructive procedures.

Intelligent Movement.

TCC offers individualized treatment plans based on the principals of “intelligent movement” – physical training and therapy designed to develop greater physical awareness and mind-body connection.

During physiotherapy, which may include posture and scar tissue advice, mobility rehabilitation, and specific exercises (for example, neck, jaw, shoulder, and flap-donor exercises for post-surgery head and neck cancer patients), patients become active participants in the treatment process.

Relaxation massage focuses on improving overall well-being, with benefits such as stress reduction, improved quality of sleep, immune system support and blood circulation.

Exercise prescriptions, which combine aerobic and resistance training tailored to individual patients, aim to enhance physiological reserves and minimize the risk of complications during and after major surgery.